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New Member Application

Welcome to Glen Rock Jewish Center!  Please read our application carefully, and feel free to ask any questions you might have.  Email

We will contact you after we receive your completed application.

We welcome all, regardless of your financial situation.  If you believe you require assistance, please contact Michelle Strassberg at BEFORE completing this application. 
All financial information is kept in strict confidence.

Please first select the number of adults in your household.  The form will appear once you make a selection.
You must make a selection in order to enter your information.

We welcome children of all faiths, but please note that in order to become b'nei mitzvah, children need to be Jewish as defined by the Conservative movement.  If you have any questions, you may contact Rabbi Schlosberg at

Please note: when selecting the number of children below, you only need to include children who are younger than 18 and residing with you.

You must make a selection in order to enter your child(ren)'s information.  Applies to each of your children who reside with you.

1st Child

2nd Child

3rd Child

4th Child

We welcome our members to become involved in synagogue life and activities.  Please let us know what your interests are, or if there is any specific group you would like to be a part of.

The information below is provided to you here so that you know the financial obligations of membership up front.  You do not need to submit any payment at this time.  After your application is reviewed, someone from the GRJC will be in touch with you to go over all details and make payment arrangements.

Our Sustainers' Circle membership was created to help those of our members who would like to give more generously.  This membership level includes:
- Membership dues
- Security Fee
- Hebrew School tuition (if applicable) and any other associated Hebrew School fees (e.g. b'nei mitzvah fee)
- Kol Nidre/Yom Kippur Pledge
- Select paid programming
- An invitation to one or two special events held throughout the year

Sustainers' Circle membership does NOT include:
- Any applicable Building Fund payments
- Yahrzeit donations or other voluntary donations made in honor or memory of someone
- Tickets to events such as the Annual Gala or other larger fundraising events.

Membership Dues amounts are as follows.  Please note that while these are our standard dues, financial assistance is available and we will work with anyone who wishes to be a member of our community.  All information regarding financial assistance is kept strictly confidential:

Sustainers' Circle (with children in Hebrew School): $8,000
Sustainers' Circle (no Hebrew School): $5,500
Family (two heads of household): $2,750
Family (one head of household): $1,650
Senior (two heads of household, both 65+): $2,650
Senior (one head of household, 65+): $1,550
Associate - primary residence 100 miles from GRJC (one or two heads of household): $800
New Member (two heads of household): $1,650 (rate applies for first year of membership)
New Member (one head of household): $900 (rate applies for first year of membership)

The Security Fee, which helps to cover GRJC's expenses for security guard coverage, will be added to your annual dues amount:
  • Hebrew School Family: $530/year
  • Two heads of household (no Hebrew School): $330/year
  • One head of household (no Hebrew School): $165/year

Building Fund payments go towards capital improvements to our building and must be paid before the date of your oldest child's bar/bat mitzvah (or within three years). Your building fund payment will be added to your annual dues amount.

If you were previously a member at another synagogue where you paid a building fund, please let us know.  If you are able to provide us with documentation of the amount paid, we will deduct the same amount from ours.

Two heads of household: $1,800 ($600/year)
One head of household: $900 ($300/year)

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Please type your name here
Thu, March 23 2023 1 Nisan 5783