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B'nei Mitzvah Logistics Form (during COVID)

Please submit your responses to this online form
at least three weeks before your simcha.

If you have any questions, please contact
Michelle Strassberg at

Sanctuary Seating:
We will seat your guests according to their households based on your requests.  Please list various "groups" below, with a list of each of the names of people in that group.  Please list them in the order of proximity to the bimah (with Group 1 closest to the bimah).  Please remember that you are permitted to have up to 40 guests at your simcha, which includes the bar/bat mitzvah student.  You need not include the rabbi and other volunteers/staff in that count.

Please be sure to include yourself and your immediate family.

Because we ask that 12 of your guests can count in a minyan, please put an asterisk next to the guests who are Jewish and 13 years or older.

Each group will be physically distanced from the others.
Thu, May 13 2021 2 Sivan 5781