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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 has affected us all, and as a community we have risen to the occasion and have responded in a multitude of ways.

Here is what we've been doing and how you can help:

Do you need help with basic necessities like getting prescriptions, groceries, etc.?
We have volunteers ready, willing and able to help you! Please let us know what you need by completing this form HERE. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Are you able to help others?
If you are able to help others in various ways (making phone calls, running errands, etc.) please let us know by completing this form HERE.

Tens of thousands of healthcare workers have left families and young children behind to put themselves at risk to help save others. You can make a donation to, a grassroots, volunteer initiative providing meals to healthcare workers on the front lines while supporting local small businesses. Every $10 contribution provides one meal for the front lines in NY and NJ.

Donate Unused Personal Protective Equipment to Local Hospitals
A national shortage of masks, gowns, goggles, and other personal protective equipment is one of the biggest issues right now for hospitals and healthcare workers. If you have extra supplies of unused personal protective equipment, we ask that you consider donating them to Valley Hospital. This includes the following:
N95 masks
Surgical masks
Face shields or goggles
Fluid resistant isolation gowns
Non-latex (nitrile) gloves

Your donation will help our physicians, nurses, and other providers remain healthy, and ready and able to care for patients. Drop items off at Valley Hospital's main entrance at 223 North Van Dien Avenue in Ridgewood, Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Make Your Own Kippah Mask (watch this YouTube video):

Support causes in need:
We are the largest donor to the Center for Food Action (CFA) food pantry; however, we are currently unable to collect food. The need for support is greater than ever. Therefore, if you are able, we encourage you to make financial contributions to the CFA or any of these other causes, or to a charity of your choosing. If you have food to donate, please bring it to the synagogue when the building reopens. Thank you!

Have questions about any charity/non-profit organization? Charity Navigator can help. Click HERE.

Emergency Health and Medical Support

Urge your senators to Support US - Israel Health Cooperation to Combat COVID-19. Israel is a world leader in medical innovation, and increased U.S.-Israel collaboration will greatly benefit the American public. A new bipartisan bill—authored by Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Chris Coons (D-DE)—would create a US - Israel grant program to promote key innovative solutions to COVID-19 and other health problems. The program would be funded equally by the US and Israel, with potential matching private sector funding. Please urge your senators to support this important bipartisan bill HERE.

The morgues in every hospital in New York City are housing the bodies of many deceased individuals who have died of COVID-19, in addition to those who have died of other diseases not getting the same attention but who are subject to the same logistical struggles. Most hospitals have created morgue extensions. Burials are often delayed.

One of the prime values in Jewish life when it comes to death and mourning is Kevod HaMet - showing respect for the deceased. This takes many forms including the practice of not leaving the body alone between death and burial. Referred to as "Shmira" or "watching over", the custom is for someone to be with the body at all times during which they recite Tehillim/Psalms. Oftentimes Jewish funeral homes hire people to do this if the family requests, or members of the Hevra Kadisha/Burial Society and even friends and relatives may volunteer to do Shmira.

In this time of so many tragic losses, made more tragic by the inability of families and communities to care for their dead in the way they would normally, extending the embrace of tradition becomes more urgent than ever. Chaplain Linda Golding has created an innovative way for us to help do just that. She has launched an initiative that allows people to sign up online for 30-minute sessions during which we, from the safety of home, recite Tehillim/Psalms as a way to bring honor to the many dead in our region.

This simple mitzvah/sacred deed is available for anyone to undertake. Texts of Tehillim can be recited in Hebrew or in English, and can be found HERE. You can say as many as you wish, moving at a pace that feels comfortable during your half-hour session. No experience necessary!

Sign up HERE to support this sacred and meaningful project. Help generate much-needed healing and hope within the Jewish community and beyond.

The CDC Foundation supports the critical health protection work of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is raising emergency response funds to enable the CDC to respond to COVID-19. You can donate HERE.

This fund supports nonprofit organizations working in areas identified as having high numbers of affected individuals and those working with the most vulnerable populations. Areas of emphasis include helping health-care workers with purchases of masks, gowns, gloves and other protective equipment; supporting quarantined and vulnerable individuals; and hygiene promotion campaigns to limit the spread of the virus. You can donate HERE.

This agency works in the United States and internationally to equip doctors and nurses with lifesaving medical resources. The organization is delivering protective masks, exam gloves and isolation gowns to health-care organizations in areas with confirmed COVID-19 cases. You can donate HERE.

Hunger Relief and Food Support

The Fair Lawn Food Pantry is delivering bags to residents rather than having them pick up, but donations can be dropped off at 8-01 Fair Lawn Avenue, on the Parmelee Street entrance. There is a black bin outside of the door where donations can be place. In inclement weather donors can ring the bell and they’ll be allowed to place donations inside. Monetary donations can be made by check or grocery store gift cards. Checks can be made payable to “Fair Lawn Human Services Trust” and mailed to 8-01 Fair Lawn Avenue, Fair Lawn NJ 07410.

With a nationwide network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries, donations to its COVID-19 response fund will help food banks across the country support the most vulnerable communities affected by the pandemic. You can donate HERE or find your local food bank HERE.

Deploys funds to ensure access to free meals continues for children in need, especially with schools closed. It is providing $5 million in emergency grants immediately — with more to come — to help schools and community groups feed kids during the outbreak and making sure families know how to find meals while schools are closed. You can donate HERE.

Delivers nutritious meals to the country’s most vulnerable seniors. Donations will replenish food supplies, subsidize additional transportation and personnel, and enable tech-based efforts to check in on isolated elderly recipients. You can contact your local provider or donate to the national group.

Civic Values

The 2020 Census is underway and the most important thing you can do is respond online, by phone, or by mail when you receive your invitation. Responding now will minimize the need for the Census Bureau to send census takers out into communities to follow up. Click HERE.

Show those who wish to dismantle and privatize the USPS that we are against letting one of our prized institutions fail. Click HERE.

Children's Support

Raises funds to provide groceries to kids participating in its more than 2,500 clubs, plus virtual academic support such as digital activities and learning opportunities. You can donate HERE.

Donations will help deliver seven million books to children in need who don’t have Internet access or home libraries to keep learning. You can donate HERE.

Immigrant and Refugee Protection

This legislation would ensure equal access to COVID-19 testing and treatment, regardless of immigration status. Click HERE to urge your Congresspeople to support it.

Helps thousands of asylum seekers being held in refugee camps at the border and in U.S. detention centers. Donations help volunteer lawyers with travel to provide pro bono services to asylum seekers and families unable to practice social distancing or obtain access to proper sanitation. You can donate HERE.

Advocacy for Employees

Without farmers in America, there will be no food, so we need to help protect them. To learn how you can advocate for farmers in Florida, click HERE.

Justice for Migrant Women and other farm worker-serving organizations are raising immediate funds to help keep farm worker families safe from COVID-19 as they work to feed us. Click HERE.

This agency focuses on safeguarding visual artists’ livelihoods. The COVID-19 response fund is a safety net for artists who contract the virus and are suffering severe health impacts. You can donate HERE.

Directs money to organizations leading on-the-ground efforts in the restaurant community and provides zero-interest loans to businesses to maintain payroll during closure or reopen once the crisis has passed. It will establish a relief fund for individual restaurant workers facing economic hardships or health crises as a direct result of COVID-19. You can donate HERE.

Center for Food Action

Hebrew Free Loan Society: Offering loans to residents of NY’s five boroughs who are financially impacted by this pandemic.

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy

• Organizations that work with at-risk populations like: Dorot, Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, and The Jewish Board.

No Kid Hungry

Our Community Needs $300,000+ in 30 Days
Due to the increased and urgent needs of the northern New Jersey Jewish and broader community with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Federation has launched a campaign to raise $300,000+ on behalf of and in partnership with local agencies and organizations. Can you help? Click HERE

Valley Hospital is asking the community to create cards with uplifting messages, encouraging words, words of thanks, inspirational quotes, etc., and to take a photo of these messages/cards (only showing hands, for consent reasons - please no faces) and send them to Kaitlyn Moceri at to distribute to the staff! Encouragement and support like this is so needed at this time and so appreciated by staff! Feel free to include your pets in the photos with your cards, too! You may also include family but again, only hands in photos please!

Hebrew Free Loan Avocation will provide interest free loans up to $3,600 to support individuals and small businesses with financial challenges due to the Coronavirus outbreak in Bergen and Passaic counties. This includes lost wages, small business owner needs, child care costs due to school closures, or medical costs related to the virus. To get started, please call The Hebrew Free Loan Association at 201-791-8395.

Grief and Healing in the Coronavirus Era: Recording
On March 30th, Rabbi Schlosberg partnered with licensed psychotherapist Julia Hochstadt for a session entitled "Grief and Healing in the Coronavirus Era." The various stages of grief were discussed and participants were encouraged to explore areas of current and anticipated loss: loss of jobs, vacations, normalcy, employment, etc. Coping strategies from the Jewish tradition and psychotherapy were provided. To view a recording of the session, please click HERE. ​​​

Fri, September 25 2020 7 Tishrei 5781